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Donna Cleary

Toyota Auris

I thought I would have to sell my car before a friend gave me the name Inch Autos. I could not see where I was going at night in my Toyota auris. The bulbs I got are life changing. Very quick response. Quickly advised and the bulbs arrived quickly. Even if they are more expensive they are worth EVERY penny. If you are worried about night driving, ring them for advice 🙌🏻😊

Jason Kenndedy

Reversing Bulbs order wrong my mistake

Bulbs I ordered were wrong my fault was no issue swapping them very sound to chat toI recently ordered some bulbs, but unfortunately, I made a mistake and received the wrong ones. However, the good news is that there was no issue with swapping them. The customer service representative I spoke to was very understanding and helpful. They listened to my concerns and quickly arranged for the correct bulbs to be sent to me. It was a pleasant experience chatting with them, as they were knowledgeable and efficient in resolving the issue. Overall, the process of exchanging the wrong bulbs for the right ones was smooth and hassle-free.

Ken O Shea

K65 H7

Excellent service fast shipping reasonably priced. Excellent Quality products. I messaged one of the lads late one evening and after giving some information on my headlamps I was sent a link to the correct bulbs. Fantastic light output!



Nct Compatible



Error Free Canbus ready



EU Certified



Perfect Beam Pattern



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Halogen V Our K65

Introducing Ireland's top-selling LED lights, the K65. These lights are 400% brighter and 140w NCT compatible.

Customer Reviews

Francis McInerney Co Clare

Vw Golf Mk7 LED Kit

As a garage were always on the look out for quality products to offer our customers who are looking stand out from the crowd or just improve the performance and comfort of there car/van. Inch Autos carry a great range of good quality and high performing led bulbs which is great especially in a market thats flooded in with cheap Chinese rubbish. You wont be disappointed.

Jack Quirke

S50 LED Lights

Volkswagen Golf mk4 s50 1997 to 2005

Easy to install and required no modifications very bright leds well worth the money👌🏻

Best ear piece available, have tried them all, plantronics is suppose to be the best but couldn’t get 5 hrs talk time without charging.
Went over 8 days without charge with constant use 10 plus hrs a day.

Peter O’Malley

Toyota Landcruiser 2003

I was astounded by the light difference between my Jeep and my friend's 2002 Toyota Landcruiser after he got a new set. So, I promptly ordered my own the next day. Receiving them just a day later, I installed them that night. The improvement over my old halogen bulbs was incredible. Highly recommended!

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