Car Door strip
Car Door strip
Car Door strip
Car Door strip
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Car Door strip

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LED Car Door Welcome Light Safety Warning Streamer Lamp Strip 120cm Waterproof Auto Decorative Ambient Lights




1. The light bar will light up with the opening of the car door, with a strobe effect, to remind the rear to come to the car, to improve safety.

2. The bottom of the car light is white light, the light project on the ground so that you can see the ground clearly when you get off the car, avoid stepping on water or garbage

3.We take into account the need to drive doors on rainy days, and the visibility becomes lower on rainy days, so we designed this door light, which has a waterproof function and has a penetration effect in weather with low visibility.




Product name:Car door light

Material: Silicone /LEDInput

Voltage: 12V

Lamp color:white and red

Suitable: Universal for all the cars

Working Temperature: -40~50

Package;2pcs/4Ppcs Car door light

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