PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
PEUGEOT 2011 5008  (2009.09 - 2017.03)
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PEUGEOT 2011 5008 (2009.09 - 2017.03)

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- **K65canbus LED Lights 140w** - Amazing light that's 400% brighter!

- **LED Headlight Bulbs** - 140w, 12000 Lumens, Super Bright, 6000K, CSP Chip 3570 Conversion Kit.

- **Superior to Halogen** - LED Headlight Bulbs are 400% brighter than stock bulbs.

- **Optimal Beam Output** - High beam has brighter output, low beam has a better beam pattern. Ideal replacement for yellow or dim stock bulbs.

- **Enhanced Driving Safety** - LED Headlight Bulbs do not blind oncoming traffic.

- **Driver-Friendly Design** - No glare to other drivers, no dark spots, or shadow areas. Reduces driving stress and exhaustion.

- **Improved Visibility** - Focuses light to match the standard beam pattern, ensuring safety for all drivers. Cool white color light enhances clarity for safer driving.

- **Hassle-Free Installation** - Almost 1:1 mini design as halogen. Fits perfectly into housing and factory sockets without modifications. Plug and play with a 360° adjustable and removable adapter.

- **Long-Lasting Performance** - Equipped with a 13,000RPM ultra-low noise turbo fan for effective cooling. Lifespan rated at over 80,000 hours.

- **NCT Compatibility** - 90% pass rate on NCT, but success depends on installation quality.


**Disclaimer**: Inch Autos is not responsible for any damages or issues arising from improper installation of products. Customers are advised to ensure correct installation procedures are followed. LED Bulbs are aftermarket products and may operate differently from OEM halogen bulbs. Before ordering or fitting, please refer to the vehicle's owner manual to confirm compatibility. Installation of LED bulbs is at the owner's discretion and risk. It's recommended to consult with your vehicle manufacturer regarding warranty compatibility with LED bulbs.