TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS  to 2010.11)
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TOYOTA from 1999 YARIS to 2010.11)

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K65canbus LED Lights 140 w amazing light 400% brighter !!! 


 LED Headlight Bulbs, 140w 12000 Lumens Super Bright 6000K CSP Chip 3570 Conversion Kit



The best alternative to halogen, LED Headlight Bulbs are 400% brighter than stock bulbs, high beam have brighter output, low beam have better beam pattern, good replacement for your yellow or dim stock bulb



Increase driving safety, LED Headlight Bulbs does not blind oncoming traffic, No glare to other drivers, dark spots or shadow areas, Reduces your driving stress and exhaustion



Better visibility, It focuses light to match the standard beam pattern and provide a perfect beam pattern to ensure the safety of both drivers, with cool white color light allowing you to see further and clearer for safer driving


Easy installation, Almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play, come with 360°adjustable and removable adapter



Extended lifespan, A powerful 13,000RPM ultra-low noise turbo fan provides effective cooling and greatly extends the lifespan of the bulb, which is rated at over 80,000 hours



 90% pass rate on nct but is all down to how installed.Inch Autos deem LED Driving Bulbs Not NCT/DOE passable as they are LED Bulbs and are being fitted in halogen head light that has been designed for halogen light output. However we have had many of our Customer's confirming that they have passed with LED Driving bulbs fitted and so it is customer's decision if they want to test with LED's in place or replace with halogen for test.



* Please note as bulbs are UNIVERSAL fitment the canbus is designed to suit as many cars as possible and is canbus in 98% of cars. In some exceptional cases LED bulbs may not be compatible and if so additional cancellors may be required at cost of around €10 per pair. LED bulbs need to be fitted 1st to ensure Canbus Compatability as Inch Autos have no way of telling what car may need cancellors and so can be ordered at customers discretion. LED Bulbs are an aftermarket Bulb and so operate diffently to halogen bulbs and so please refer to owners manual before ordering/fitting to confirm they are compatible as are fitted at owner's own risk as LED bulbs are an after-market, lighting upgrade and not OEM halogen bulbs. Please contact your manufacturer to clarify car's warranty

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